DonutBot Documentation

Last updated: Dec 11th, 2017

Inviting DonutBot to your server

Inviting DonutBot is simple! All you need to do is visit this link and selete the server you want the bot in. Click Authorize and you're good to go! If you are unable to see your server, you're either on the wrong account or do no have the correct permissions for that server. If you continue to face issues, feel free to join our support server!

Invite DonutBot

Basic setup

Server Moderation

You are able to configure DonutBot to moderate your server in a few ways, please read the following commands to inform you on what these features are.

Moderation Commands:

+set antiad <on/off> Block users from advertising other Discord servers

+set moderationrole <Role Name> Allow staff in your server to have additional permissions for the bot

+set blockedrole <Role Name> Create a blacklist role for your server to stop users in the role from using the bot

Welcome & leave Messages

Create amazing leave and join messages for members to enable your community to be more active!

Message Options:

+set welcomechannel <Here / Channel name> Set the channel you would like the welcome message sent in

+set leavechannel <Here / Channel name> Set the channel you would like the leave message sent in

+set welcomemessage <Message> Set the message that you would like to send when a user joins

+set leavemessage <Message> Set the message that you would like to send when a user leaves

As stated, you can customize messages with variables such as the users name, You can find a list of the user variables below

Variable Usage Example
Member Mention {member} @Donut#0387
Member Username {member:name} Donut
Member ID {member:id} 163887417705627648
Member Tag {member:tag} Donut#0387
Member Creation Time {member:created} 28 Mar 2016 @ 05:03:26
Guild {guild} OwO DonutBot?
Guild Name {guild:name} OwO DonutBot?
Guild ID {guild:id} 357712490974674954
Guild Creation Time {guild:created} 14 Sep 2017 @ 02:09:82
Guild Member Count {guild:membercount} 28,196
Guild Owner Mention {guild:owner} @Donut#0387
Guild Owner ID {guild:owner:id} 163887417705627648
Guild Owner Tag {guild:owner:tag} Donut#0387
Guild Owner Username {guild:owner:name} Donut
Server Prefix {prefix} +
Server Join Role {joinrole} Member
Server Mod Role {moderationrole} Administrator

Additional setup

There are many different features for your server to make it the safest and friendliest community on Discord. Customise your server how you like with the commands below

Other Server Configurations:

+set prefix <Custom prefix> Set a custom prefix for your server

+set autoplaylist <On / Off> Toggle on or off the autoplay function for music in your server

+set joinrole <Role Name> Set a join role for new members when they join your server (Make sure DonutBot can give users this role)

+set logchannel <Here / Channel Name> Set your servers log channel for all the logs, check the logs section for more info


Here are a list of the command good to use in DonutBot right now! Check out the categories on the left hand side to guide you to the commands you would like to see

Just so you know

You can get 24/7 support with DonutBot on our very own Discord server! Click here to join our Discord!

Music Commands

Command Usage Information
Summon +Summon Summon the bot to your channel
Play +Play <Song / Video link> Add a song to the queue
Skip +Skip Skip the current playing song
Queue +Queue Get the current queue
Clear +Clear Clear the queue
Np +np Get the current playing song
Volume +Volume <Volume 1-100> Set the volume of the bot
Shuffle +Shuffle Shuffle the queue
Remove +remove <last / queue number> Remove a selected song from the queue
Pause +Pause Pause the video
Resume +Resume Resume the bot if paused
Loop +Loop &lr;on / off> Loop the current song
Disconnect +Disconnect Disconnect the bot from the channel
Bitrate +Bitrate <1-128> Change your servers audio quality!
Stop +Stop Stop the music and leave the channel

Currency Commands

Command Usage Information
Balance +Balance <none / mention> Get your balance of donuts
Upvote +Upvote Upvote me for FREE daily donuts!
Flip +Skip <Flip amount> Gamble some coins with heads of tails
Slot +Slot <Slot amount> Play the slot machine - BETA TESTING
Leaderboard +Leaderboard See who's the richest
Pay +Pay <user mention> <amount> Pay other users some donuts

Fun Commands

Command Usage Information
Rhyme +Rhyme <word> Get a list of words that rhyme
8ball +8ball <question> Ask the magical 8 ball a question
Whois +Whois <domain> WHOIS lookup a domain
Shorten +Shorten < link> Shorten a link with
Unshorten +Unshorten < link> Unshorten a link
UD +UD <phrase> Get an urban dictionary response
Genmeme +Genmeme <line one | line two> Make your own memes

Moderation Commands

Command Usage Information
Set list +Set list See what you can configure
Log list +Log list See what you can configure for logging
Ban +Ban <user mention> Ban a user from the server
Kick +Kick <user mention> Kick a user from the server
Purge +Purge <amount 1-100> Purge a set amount of messages

Other Commands

Command Usage Information
Support +Support Join the support server
Donate +Donate Donate to help fund me!
Upvote +Upvote Upvote me for FREE daily donuts!
Stats +Stats Get bot stats!
Ping +Ping Pong!
Weather +Weather <location> Get a real locations weather!
Serverinfo +Serverinfo Get this servers information
Userinfo +Userinfo <user mention> Get a users information
Invite +Invite Invite me to your server